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  • Cartridge Mechanical Seals+
  • Standard Mechanical Seals+
  • Elastomer Bellow Mechanical Seals+
  • Metal Bellow Mechanical Seals+
  • Double Face Mechanical Seals+
  • Wear-resistant materials+
  • Tungsten carbide products
  • Cemented carbide/cermet blades

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    Contact: yyj@zg-zq.com Yujin Yan

    Phone: 18882031233 / 18882031250

    Tel: 17380131119(磁性液体技术)/18882031201(雷竞技官网手机版下载雷竞技app技术)

    Email: yzq@zg-zq.com

    Add: Factory 66, No. 19, Longxiang Road, Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Yantan District, Zigong, Sichuan, China (Mainland)

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